A variety of activities and partners

The library works with many partners and suppliers. It doesn’t buy its books from the local bookseller, but appeals to large networks of booksellers: Librest and the CFL (“Club Français Littéraire”). Those are well known bookshops in France. The most important partner is the city hall who gives the budget for the year and proposes topics for events. It is the city hall for instance which gave the theme of nature for the current festival. It also proposed the theme of the event “Lire à Sevran” (“Sevran Reads”). The budget for the library is reasonable but insufficient to buy books in their original language, which are books corresponding to what the population expects. Despite all this, the city hall doesn’t interfere in library policy.

The library offers plenty of activities for all ages and all social backgrounds. Most of them are for the children, with activities inside and outside the premises. It organizes story time for schools and for families. These story times take place outside the library, in the shopping mall or in the garden near community centre. The story time in the mall required policemen to protect families, which proves how dangerous this district can be. But there are also other activities proposed for classes like writing workshops or visits of the library. The librarians told us that these events work because children return to the library when they become older.

In Sevran, the library can welcome up to 80 different classes. It has a partnership with the local community centre. A local community center is a centre which brings help and advice to people, and which organizes socio-cultural activities for people with difficulties. As a result, this partnership also brings socio-cultural events like drama workshops. As we said, the librarians also organize festivals. The current festival is about nature and gardens. It highlights community gardens which have been created in Sevran. The festival was the opportunity for the employees of the city hall to design a window display for the library on the theme of gardens. With the local cinema, librarians invented the festival “A hauteur d’enfant” (“At child’s level”) made for children and their parents.

the placard of the festival "A hauteur d'enfant"

Furthermore, during the summer the library and the city organize a festival named “Festiv’été”, which is intended to move the library out of its walls and to offer events related to summer. This festival promotes the network of libraries in Sevran, with the bookmobile. This library bus brings books near people’s homes.

Another important partner of the library is the city art workshop. This workshop induces children to decorate the library every year with elements from history or from the library. For example they did frescoes on Dewey or made books in poetry.

For all the events, the library communicates thanks to the website of the city. But you can’t reserve books on the site. On this site, we can go to the catalog on-line and see the calendar of events organized by the different institutions in the network. Yet, the library doesn’t have its own communication department. At the moment, the communication is done by the communication department of the city hall: they provide leaflets distributed in the library and the website communication. The library is therefore not totally autonomous, nor totally up-to-date with digital technology.

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