Our discovery of the library

The Library Marguerite Yourcenar was inaugurated in 1993. As we said, it is part of a network which includes 3 libraries, 1 multimedia library and 1 bookmobile which stops in two different places in Sevran.

The Library Marguerite Yourcenar is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 18 hours a week. The registration is free for everyone and the users can borrow 10 documents for 3 weeks. Loans are free and you don’t pay a fine if you return your book late because the librarians don’t want to put off the users. But if a book is damaged or lost, the users have to buy the same book and give it to the library. If the user doesn’t buy another book, it can’t be replaced in the library. There are officially 10 employees to take care of the users, but at the moment there are only 6 employees working because some of them are on sick leave.

This library is 650 m² and it contains 40,000 documents, but only paper. There are about 1,000 active users and 1,200 loans a year. The premises of the library are very basic and there is no research in the design inside or outside the Library. But we can say that it is a quite bright and clean place.

The Library’s floor plan is very simple: it is divided in two levels and several sections. The first level on the ground floor contains the Adult Section, including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Language(s), Press, Comic Books. Books are classified according to the Dewey classification, except for fiction. We didn’t find the Adult section very comfortable: there are only a few chairs to sit on.

You can have access to the second level on the first floor by stairs or by an elevator which gives handicapped people access to the Kids’ Section. In this section, books are classified by type and age, and books in their original language have a little flag on the cover. In opposition to the Adult Section, in this section there is a cosy atmosphere: it is a comfortable place with arm chairs, cushions and carpets.

Moreover, there are 4 computers and 2 « OPAC » for public use in the library. These computers are in free access; you just need to register. However, the consultation is limited to 30 minutes per computer and per user. On these computers you can find the library software named « Horizon », Open Office and Internet access. Yet there is no printer.

About Amélie

I'm 20 years old. I live in Paris, near Versailles. I'm a student at IUT Paris-Descartes, information-communication department, option book trades. I'd like to be a librarian or a publisher.
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