Hello from rainy and misty Zagreb/Croatia!

I am Ivica, a student from group Croatia.
This is my first time to collaborate with different people from other cities/countries in this kind of tool.
I study at the Zagreb University in the Information Sciences Department. I am interested in e-books (reading, using specific devices, technology).
Elsa (Turkey) , Emi (Bulgaria) and I will upload our report about visit Sofia City Library next week.

About Ivica Cevis

I am Ivica Čevis, student in 5th grade at Master Program Information Sciences - Librarianship of Universitiy of Zagreb
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6 Responses to Hello from rainy and misty Zagreb/Croatia!

  1. Marie-Lyne Orsini says:

    I’m Marie-Lyne Orsini, from the French group.
    We’re looking forward to see your report ! 🙂
    It will be very interesting to see how libraries are working in different part of Europe!

  2. Céline Brunet says:

    I don’t understand why, as a Croatian student, you’ve visited Sofia City Library?
    And why did you – with Elsa (Turkey) and Emi (Bulgaria) – post the report, whereas you’re coming from different countries? Are you working together for all the libraries in Croatia, Turkey and Bulgaria?

    I’m sorry if my questions sound weird, but I’m a bit disappointed by this situation, because for the French group we’re only 4 French students.

    • Ivica Cevis says:

      Prof. Todorova propose that three participants of LibCMASS prepare a report about Sofia City Library, and three of us raise hands, Emi, Elsa and I had an agreement, Emi will take a photos (she did good job!) and with Elsa will write report, and from that I will make a photostory/photoreport, but all fell. Elsa is very busy, Emi don’t response on emails. So I decide to make it on my on. We are not working together on all libraries.
      I don’t know where others of my collegues are, sorry! :-/

      • Céline Brunet says:

        Well, you seem to be in a complicated situation :S
        I can understand it’s hard for you to manage all that stuff. And sorry if you have the feeling we’re pressing you. Just do what you can!

        Concerning Emi and Elsa, I hope they will soon present themselves. But we all understand that’s not your fault, of course!

  3. Amélie says:

    as Céline, I don’t understand why the sofia’s report was posted by Ivica and not Emi.

    In addition, as we don’t know each other, I propose that everyone post a message in your country ‘s part, to introduce oneself. It’s okay ?

  4. Petra says:

    Hello, everyone,

    I support Amelie’s suggestion and 🙂 Dear Celine and Amelie, let me answer your questions instead of Ivica:
    Croatian students team, together with our Bulgarian hosts and Turkish colleagues, contributed in the Erasmus Intensive Program on Cultural and Library Management held this Septembar in Sofia, Bulgaria. During our stay in Sofia, we visited several libraries, including Sofia City Library and Bulgarian National Library and the project coordinator proposed to form international teams whose assignement would be to present those two libraries for this project. That is the reason two of our reports will be written by co-authors from different countries. So it doesn’t matter who uploads the post as long as all of us contributed in its preparation. But you don’t have to feel dissappointed because soon we will post reports from Croatian libraries as well. I have one idea and I will start with it as soon as I finish my Bobcatsss papers preparation.

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