Report about Sofia City Library

Sofia City Library
Meeting Cultures Between the Lines
ABLE: American-Bulgarian Library Exchange
Glob@l Libraries
ABF: America for Bulgaria Foundation
Goethe-Institut in Bulgarien

About Ivica Cevis

I am Ivica Čevis, student in 5th grade at Master Program Information Sciences - Librarianship of Universitiy of Zagreb
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5 Responses to Report about Sofia City Library

  1. Céline Brunet says:

    Well, Sofia City Library seems to be an interesting place to visit!
    It is also a good surprise to see how much the Libray is involved in projects. There really seem to be an effort from the librarians to open the Library to European countries and, above all, the USA. By the way, what is so attractive in American Libraries for librarians, so that they want to take them as an example?

    What’s more, your report aroused my curiosity! I wonder how is the Library inside? How many librarians work there?
    I also wonder if the “Glob@l Libraries” project is a success? Have Bulgarian Libraries improved their equipment and attracted more visitors?

    I’ll be glad if you’d be able to enlighten me. And thank you for your work!

    • Ivica Cevis says:

      I do not know why so many projects are in cooperation with the American Libraries.

      As far as the interior of Sofia City Library (SCL) I have several photos. I will upload them.

      I think Bulgarian part of “Intercultural exchange around the profession of librarian” could give you some enlightening answers.

  2. Céline Brunet says:

    Okay, but it seems like there are no Bulgarian students logged on the website.
    By the way, have they ever taken a look at it?? It’s a shame, because if they don’t create a profile, we won’t be able to exchange and to enlighten each other about our visits.

    But thank you for the photos.

  3. Amélie says:

    the international projects of the library are very interesting. Like Céline, I’m wondering why the library chose them.

    I would also have liked to know:
    Is the library the national library ?
    What is its public ? Students, researchers, inhabitants ?
    What are the proposed events ? The exhibitions ?
    How many documents does the library have ? What is its surface ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers. They will allow me to get a better idea of the library.

  4. Amélie says:

    During an English class, a part of our class (group France) read your report.

    We all agreed : the library is really open on the world.

    My classmates also asked the following questions:

    – the projects of library are international. Is there a collection in foreign languages ?
    – How does the American Conner open windows on America ?
    – Why did you choose to present us this library ? What do you think of its work ?

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