Sofia City Library inside

Sofia 4 Slaveikov Sq

About Ivica Cevis

I am Ivica Čevis, student in 5th grade at Master Program Information Sciences - Librarianship of Universitiy of Zagreb
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3 Responses to Sofia City Library inside

  1. Amélie says:

    Thank you very much for photos.
    But, it could have been better with captions.
    The library seems very big.
    To what departement belongs rooms photographed?
    What is it, the keyboard in color?

  2. Ivica Cevis says:

    I know for the captions, I will put captions, be patience, please. 🙂 Emi has photographed Library.

  3. Amélie says:

    Oh sorry !
    We are just very happy to have, for heaven’s sake, something on the platform.
    Sorry for the enthusiasm ! We are very happy whom you are on the platform.

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