visit of Sevran library

Thank you for your dynamic report which is encouraging ! Let me complete the social geography of the district in which the library is located. Indeed, the library is embedded in multiple municipal entities such as:
-The house of Marcel Paul area, the Mother and Child Protection (PMI), the psycho social service and employment center. This particular situation makes it one of the most popular network in Sevran, driven by a population of the district Beaudottes who very young (38% are under 20 years and 32% are between 20 and 39)
Sevran City is served by two stations: sevran Beaudottes-and-Sevran Livry making it one of the suburbs best connected (should we paradoxically emphasize this as one of the possible reasons for the installation of drug trafficking so widely spread?)
In my approach for further information (!), I would like to emphasize the differences in practices of librarianship whether the library or suburb to city center. The opposition between libriarianship is due to its located in a suburb or a city center. According to a 2003 study on libraries of Rennes (city of western France), the attendance in downtown library with working class youth is 14% whereas the attendance in a suburban library is 65%. This result, observable in every respect at the national level, means that the public is different in the city center and periphery.
According to Anne-Marie Bertrand, a French librarian and historian, what is striking in suburban libraries is the difference in the role played by librarians. She opposes profession librarians who are traditional experts in documentaries (documentaries expert) giving way to a new sort of librarians who have turned into guides : they are more focused on communicating and orientating the populations. Needless to say that the quality given to people regarding their welcoming in the libraries is immediately appreciated.
The actions taken named “outside the walls” represent the means the most effective to reach a maximum of the audience among the inhabitants of neighbourhoods
On this subject, you can follow the link below to listen to a documentary by FranceCulture radio on one of the action outside the walls of the M.Yourcenar library : “Go Tales” in the Beau Sevran shopping center -(Last interview-12/14/2010)-Warning, this link will be active until December 2011.
To conclude, I would like to add that I am very happy to read such this article on library located in a popular area because as opposed to many preconceived ideas, working in these libraries periphery brings a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Especially, when it’s about bringing more democracy and knowledge in underprivileged areas.
Good continuation.
Marie-Pierre Klut
Librarian and Library Director M.Yourcenar

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  1. Céline Brunet says:

    Thank you for this post. I’m glad to see our work interests you and tempts you to express yourself about Sevran and M. Yourcenar Library.
    I hope that the library will continue to be a success and to bring inhabitants of neighbourhoods!

  2. Amélie says:

    Thank you very much for these further information.
    We are delighted to count you among our interlocutors.
    Don’t hesitate to comment on the reports of our foreign colleagues.
    See you soon !

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