Hello! My name is Emilia Sirakova, 3rd year student in Library Management in Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello! I apologize for the late inclusion.
Perhaps you know that this year in Bulgaria was held an international project: IP Library, Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School (IP LibCMASS)
Project Erasmus Intensive Program (4-17 September 2011)
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PhD Tania Todorova

If you want to know more about the project, you can visit this site:


The target group are students (BSc and MSc) in library and computer science, information technology and cultural and historical heritage of SULSIT (Sofia), Hasettepe University in Ankara (Turkey) and University of Zagreb (Croatia).
We were part of it.
At this moment I’m pretty busy at my university, because of the crisis we will learn only 3 months – instead of 5 for one semester, because in the goverment there is no money for professors and for the account of the building (emergency measures).
And I became a volunteer in a community center for the blind people.

I am glad that the library in the capital Sofia has aroused your curiosity.
I will try to answer your questions in the coming days, because unfortunately I am avery busy, and I apologize for this delay.

Have a nice day to all!

Greetings Emi 🙂

About Emiliya Sirakova

Hello, my name is Emiliya Sirakova. I was born in 1983 in Bulgaria. I am a third year Bachelor student of Library Management at the State University of Library Studies and Information Technology in Sofia.
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5 Responses to Hello! My name is Emilia Sirakova, 3rd year student in Library Management in Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Céline Brunet says:

    I guess we have to say : “Welcome on the platform !”
    It’s been a long time since we excepted to know you. So, I’m glad to see you took time to introduce yourself. Thank you!

    I can see you’re in the middle of a complicated situation and I understand why it was hard for you to visit the platform. Don’t worry.

    The report you’ve done with the Ivica and Elsa was really interesting. So, I hope we’ll be able to continue to exchange with each other and get to know each member involved in that project.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Amélie says:

    Great, the team is complete. Welcome to you Emi.
    I understand that you are a lot of work.
    So don’t worry if you can not visit us often.
    Anyway, thank you for participating in the project.

    See you soon

  3. Ivica Cevis says:

    it is good to have you here, hope you will not have many complaints on the Sofia City Library Report, stay cool

  4. Marie-Lyne Orsini says:

    Hi Emi! Welcome on bord! 😀
    Of course, we can easily understand that you’re busy, because we have a lot of work to do too.
    I didn’t know about the international project, but it seems to be a very interesting experience.
    And thank you for your work about Sofia City Library!

    See you later!!

  5. Titia says:

    Hello Emilia !
    Thanks for your presentation ! Your studies seem interresting !
    Welcome on the platform !

    See you soon !

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