French tutored project : we need your help !

Dear Erasmus class mates !

We would like to present you our tutored French project around the profession of librarian.

First of all, what’s a tutored project ???

It’s a project we have to make all along this year at University Paris Descartes. At the end of the year, we will have to present it for an exam. It will enable us to graduate.

The subject of our tutored project is the third place libraries in Europe. We will visit some special libraries in France and make reports about them. Those reports will be posted on the e-platform called “International exchange around the profession of librarian”.

However it’s a European project, so we need your help !

What we want to ask you is simple and not too long.

You just have to visit some special libraries in your country (2, 3 or 4), and write a short report about each of them (1 page). In those reports, you can say what is interesting, good, bad in these libraries, and which concept from a third place library is developed (see our post about Third Place Libraries here :

After that, you just have to post it on the e-platform !

In this way, we can share our experiences, the difference between our countries and especially between librarianship in our countries. We think that it’s an interesting way to learn and work around this subject !

And if you are motivated and interested by a trip in Paris, contact us ! We can welcome you and accommodate you at home !

Pascaline, Mélanie, Julie and Maxime




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