The Diplomatic Institute to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Bulgaria

Dear Erasmus Classmates,

In the beginning of February 2013, I started internship at the Diplomatic Institute to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria which is located in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. As part of my internship program I have been working at the Library of the Institute which I would like to present to you. The Library of the Diplomatic Institute is in charge of the informational and library service of government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other public institutions, students, trainees from the training programs of the Institute, etc.

The Library has a rich fund of books and periodicals in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations, Politics, Law, History, Economics, Social Sciences. In 2010 the Library of the MFA and the Library of the Diplomatic Institute were united. The funds of the two libraries merged and now there are 65 000 books in the repository, among which historical literature and some collections of great historical value dating from 18 century till present days.

The reading room of the Library contains literature to open access – contemporary literature on topics and issues of present-day interest, as well as Bulgarian and foreign periodicals. This literature is also accessible through the online catalogue of the library on the web site of the Diplomatic Institute and readers can make on their own references regarding the books they need.

The reading room

The Library is subscribed to 36 periodicals, including 16 in Bulgarian, 9 in French, 8 in English, 1 in Russian, 1 in German and 1 in Spanish and is also subscribed to online data base EBSCO – world’s leading information agent providing access to quality content, including e-journals, research databases, e-books and more.

Here is a full list of the periodicals:

Periodicals in English


1.Conflict, Security, Development 5
2. Economist 52
3. Europe’s World 3
4. Financial Times 320
5. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 3
6. Foreign Affairs 6
7. Scientific American 12
8. Time 52

Periodicals in German

1.Der Spiegel 52

Periodicals in Russian

1. Международная жизнь 12

Periodicals in Spanish


1. Cambio 16 12

Periodicals in French


1. L’année Stratégique 1
2. Politique Etrangère 4
3. Les Etats Submergés 1
4. Alternatives Internationales 4
5. Questions internationales 6
6. La Revue Internationale et Stratégique 4
7. Le Monde Diplomatique 12
8. Courrier  International 48
9. Le Point 48

Periodicals in Bulgarian

1.Труд 360
2. Държавен вестник 120
3. Експерт счетоводител 24
 4. Капитал Daily 260
5. Култура 47
6. Бюджетът 12
7. Геополитика и геостратегия 6
8. Европа 2001 6
9. Лик 12
10. Международни отношения 6
11. НОРМА- юридическо списание 11
12. Съвременник 4
13. Тема 51
14. Biograph BG 12
15. L’Europeo BG 6
16. National Geographic 10


The activities of the Library include the publishing of a Newsletter in Bulgarian and English which presents information about the Diplomatic Institute’s activities, as well as the organization of book readings, exhibitions of books and debates on current topics, etc.

The Library is also the place where the interns of the Diplomatic Institute work most of the time. The internship program is a great opportunity for each of them to get experience in a government organization and to decide on their professional development.

Students from the Internship program – February 2013

Mihaela Nencheva

IV year student Librarianship and

II year student in Printed communications,

      SULSIT, Sofia

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  1. Pascaline says:

    Thank you very much Mihaela, for this article ! Is this library open for public, or just for the staff of the ministry ? How does it welcome people ?

  2. Mihaela says:

    You are welcome, Pascaline 🙂
    This library is open for public, students, citizens etc. There is a lot of events for welcome people into the library, communicatining and working together or just reading^^

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