Third Place Libraries in Turkey

Especially in some university libraries in Turkey cafe, computer / internet room, foyer area, a conference room, multimedia room. However, many of them for the library system and a separate physical spaces are offered on a regular basis and it is difficult to say. Therefore, as far as I know Third Place Libraries in Turkey yet be described as literally say that there is a library. However, Turkey’s Information Houses, Family Life Centers and Book Cafes closest to the concept of constructions.

Houses of information, especially in big cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, and in particular the efforts of the municipalities has been established in some cities. Houses of information, especially young people aims to add the habit of reading books and going to the library of knowledge and technology centers. In addition, around a computer, the Internet and books are presented in a way, given lectures and courses for exams, seminars and competitions are organized. In this context, a knowledge center that contributes to social development of young people’s Information Houses. Information Houses in İstanbul as an example Yüz Yıl Information House held by İstanbul Bağcılar municipality and in the capital Ankara Nene Hatun Information House established by Mamak Municipality shown.

Information Houses in general, study rooms or classrooms, library, computer and internet lounge, hobby classes, such as the work of divisions for the club. Some of the information in the Houses of guidance and counseling services are also available. In the Information Houses young people under the supervision of teachers, folk dance, table tennis, chess, guitar, binding, computer, theater, crafts, media and photography, environment, traffic, basketball, dance and music club, badminton, diction, IT, scouting, travel directed activities such as examination and history.

You must be a member to take advantage of services of the house. It is difficult to say that there are large collections of Information Houses such public and university libraries. Generally fort he Information House libraries are valid rules apply to other independent libraries.Food and drink should not do not contain the library users and noise. Become members of the library can borrow books.

Family Life Centers similar to Information Houses established by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in Ankara. In these centers, just spend time with individuals of all ages, social, cultural, educational and sporting venues of all the activities offered. These spaces include a library. Eryaman Family Life Center and Akyurt Family Life Center in Ankara is an example of family life centers.

Although not very common in Turkey, especially in big cities there are cafes operating in the books. Tea and coffee around here reading or a drink, something to eat and watch TV. You can also chat with your friends while doing all that. I know the book is literally a library service is not presented cafes, not to borrow books. You can read books here in the only cafe. Book cafes, more young people, students and intellectuals hangout. Some of the books on the signature cafes, chat groups, student clubs in the fields of philosophy and history and literature, language and art courses, on an annual basis at night youth meetings, cultural trips, and so on. Many activities are carried out. Ada Book Cafe in İstanbul, Kurtuba Book & Coffe in Ankara and İzmir Arma Book & Cafe as an example.

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2 Responses to Third Place Libraries in Turkey

  1. Pascaline says:

    I think the Information Houses in Turkey are like our Cultural Center in France. This kind of place offers a lot of activities like sports, theatre, cinema. Sometimes they have a library too. Is there always a library in these Information Houses ? I think so if this kind of third place is called “Information House”…

    In these book cafes, people have to bring their books ? or is there something like a library in the place ?

    • omerdalkiran says:

      Yes Pascaline, all Information Houses has a library and we can say that they are third place libraries. People can bring their own books or read the cafe’s books.

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